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6 Reasons Why New Smyrna Beach Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans

Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 9:45AM

6 Reasons Why New Smyrna Beach Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans

Not only are open floor plans more popular than ever – for some, they are a requirement of new homes, too. Traditionally, spaces within a home such as living rooms and kitchens have been divided by walls, which has made those rooms feel smaller and more closed off. The main objective of an open floor plan is to join all three common spaces of your home – the living room, dining room, and kitchen – to create a spacious communal living area that has a clear, smooth flow from room to room. Read on for our top 6 reasons why homeowners love open floor plans!

Make Hosting Better than Ever

Hosting a dinner party or having guests over for the holidays can feel overwhelming or restrictive in a traditional floor plan. Without those barriers separating each common living space, you can essentially be in three different places at once, which makes hosting a breeze. Family and friends can enjoy a seamless flow from your living room to your dining room and kitchen.

Improved Resale Value

Open floor plans are considered to be a part of modern home design and many buyers have this on their “must have” list. By removing walls, your home will have more functional square footage which is what buyers love to see. If the time comes to sell, your home and your wallet will benefit from an open floor plan.

Enhanced Ambiance

With fewer barriers getting in the way, it is easier for lighting to extend from room to room. This shared light enhances the ambiance and makes the rooms feel more inviting. This is important to consider when deciding on how many windows you want to place in a room. With more windows, your home will be flush with natural lighting which is proven to increase productivity and improve mood.

Better Flow

Apart from better hosting, open floor plans also yield better quality of life for homeowners. Life can be chaotic, especially with so many elements being kept inside our homes during the pandemic, and eliminating barriers between rooms will relieve some of the disorder you may feel. By increasing the flow of your home, you are also relieving stress from your day-to-day life.

Makes Your Home Feel Bigger

Walls between rooms can make you feel boxed in or crammed into smaller spaces. In an open floor plan, the common living area is opened up which makes the home seem more spacious. The majority of our time is spent in these common areas, so it is important to make them feel open and accommodating. That way, we can feel relaxed and content.

Create a Focal Point with the Kitchen

Beyond cooking, the kitchen is also a popular spot for families to socialize and spend time together. The key to creating a functional open kitchen is what is known as the “kitchen triangle” – that is, making sure the stove, fridge, and sink form a triangle with appropriate lengths between. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this will also yield a well-functioning kitchen to improve cooking and social time with family and friends.

These are just a few of the many reasons why homeowners are gravitating so strongly towards open floor plans. Besides a more modern feel, open concepts also provide homeowners with feelings of more space, more comfort, and more happiness – all of which are vital to happy home ownership. To learn more about the luxurious floor plans offered by Platinum Builders, give us a call today. We offer an incredible variety of homes that are guaranteed to suit your lifestyle and fill each of your days with happiness. Peruse our available homes on our website, then contact us as soon as possible – these opportunities won’t be around forever.

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