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5 Ways that Ormond Beach FL Homes Benefit from Outdoor Kitchens

Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 9:45AM

5 Ways that Ormond Beach FL Homes Benefit from Outdoor Kitchens

Soaking up the sun, dipping your toes in the water, enjoying your favorite beverage on a warm day – these are all elements of the quintessential spring and summer experience in Florida. As the days heat up, more and more people move outdoors to enjoy the things that make the Ormond Beach lifestyle so enviable. Nothing encapsulates an amazing summertime hangout with friends and family better than a great barbecue. Many homeowners are upgrading from a simple grill on the patio to an extensive outdoor kitchen – just read on to learn the benefits for Ormond Beach FL new homes!

Hotspot for Hosting

Implementing an outdoor kitchen is a quick, sure-fire way to acquire a centerpiece of outdoor entertainment. Besides being the perfect accommodation for all your grilling equipment, outdoor kitchens can also host a stovetop, refrigerator, or even a wine cooler – plus all the storage you need for your cooking gear. Once you have your sparkling new kitchen, arrange your outdoor entertainment space around it: place furniture around the cooking area and consider installing extravagant features like firepits to really frame the setting.

Cooking Outdoors is Cleaner…

Homeowners are well aware of the hassles of a messy kitchen. Counters, sinks, and floors all require attention to detail to properly clean, plus the smell of cooking can permeate your house and leave residue on surfaces around your stove. Outdoor kitchen cleanup is a breeze! Not only can a well-designed kitchen be hosed down for a quick clean but cooking outside also means that your home will maintain its fresh fragrances.

…and Healthier, Too!

Outdoor kitchens can include a stove or oven, but the centerpiece of any summer cookout is the grill. Cooking over an open fire yields meals that are leaner and healthier because fat drips off the food instead of collecting in a pan or pot. Besides the dietary benefits, cooking outside will also keep you safe from smoke and fumes that can get trapped in a small indoor space, plus fresh air and sunlight are great for your health!

Expand Your Living Space

Adding an outdoor kitchen is like your home getting a whole new room. It’s another living and entertainment space that you can use and enjoy right in the backyard of your Ormond Beach home. Plus, given Florida’s year-round tropical climate, you will be able to make the most of your outdoor kitchen even in winter months, too. Don’t forget lighting for your kitchen – the party doesn’t need to stop when the sun goes down!

Save on Monthly Utility Expenses

Air conditioning systems shoulder much of the burden of stovetops and ovens that are running indoors. A kitchen with multiple appliances in use can heat up to 10 degrees or more above the temperature of the rest of your home and it is the air conditioning that will strain itself to keep everything cool, resulting in more costly energy bills. Cooking outside brings all that heat outdoors, which will keep your home cool and your bills low.

With spring upon us and summer not far behind, it is the perfect time to find homes in Ormond Beach, FL where you can make the most of our incredible local lifestyle. Give Platinum Builders a call today and allow us to assist you with finding your perfect home. Our mission is to continue to be the builder of choice in Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach by consistently providing the highest quality design, workmanship, and integrity.

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