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5 Ways Your Custom Home Makes the Perfect Remote Office

Tue, Aug 07, 2018 at 4:50PM

5 Ways Your Custom Home Makes the Perfect Remote Office

Though some people have worked from home for years, telecommuting has recently become wildly popular. Advancements in technology (such as mobile devices and Internet applications) have made remote work more realistic and economical today than ever before.

Custom homes are an ideal place for remote work since you get to plan and create a professional environment tailored to your specific desires and requirements. Here are some of the most popular reasons to set up shop from the comfort of your own residence:

1) Increased Productivity

One of the big benefits of creating a dedicated workspace in your custom home is the ability to decorate any way you want. Perhaps you like to surround yourself with your favorite art or collectibles. Or you may prefer a more organized and clutter-free environment. When you work from home, you don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s style rules. You get to pick the atmosphere most conducive to your personal efficiency.  

That means you can pick the most comfortable chair and stylish desk you’ve always dreamed of. On the other hand, if working from a laptop by a window bench is how you get in the zone, that’s also easily arranged. Partnering with trusted and reputable custom home builders is your first step to realizing telecommuting dreams.

2) Better Connection with Nature

Expand on that idea by incorporating interesting potted plants in your home office. You’ll benefit from the life-giving oxygen they produce. Plus, just the sight of natural vegetation is relaxing.

In fact, psychologists say people who interact with nature for even 15 minutes a day tend to be happier and feel more fulfilled. Working from home makes it easy to take a quick walk around the block, or even enjoy the pleasant Central Florida climate on a brief coffee break. 

3) Quality of Life Improvement

Some communities were actually created with this ideal in mind. For instance, Liberty Village is a 63-acre gated community featuring an 11-acre conservation area flush with native Florida plants and wildlife. What better way to find inspiration than by gazing out the window to a relaxing natural oasis outside?

When the work day is over, you’re just minutes from unwinding with a variety of recreational opportunities. Whether you love golf, court sports (such as tennis and pickleball), swimming, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, you won’t have to fight commuting traffic to decompress after a hard day at your home office.

4) Tax Deductions

Then there are the tax breaks. Everything from electronics (computer, printer, mobile devices), to utilities (including lighting and climate control), even a percentage of your home’s square footage and can be claimed as work expenses on your taxes. That means you’re effectively saving money while enjoying all the perks of remote work. A qualified accountant can help you maximize home office deductions.

By contrast, when you work at another location, you can’t claim any of those items. In some cases, you might even be required to pay a parking fee. That’s in addition to costly gas just to get to and from work. Why should you have to pay just to earn a living?

5) Ideal Work/Life Balance

Researchers say people log more hours at work (or commuting) than they do at home. That’s time that could be spent making precious memories with your loved ones. By contrast, when you “clock out” from the remote office of your custom home, you’re right where you want and need to be. 

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped countless people create the homes of their dreams in Central Florida. Well-known and respected as stand-out general contractors in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, we use only the highest-quality materials. Contact us today to get started on a personalized custom home of your own.   


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