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5 Luxurious Touches to Add to Your Custom Home

Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 12:49PM

5 Luxurious Touches to Add to Your Custom Home

Craving a luxurious place to call your own? Start with a custom-crafted home by Platinum Builders—then add elegant, personalized flourishes to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Read on as we share a few of our favorite luxury touches to enjoy at home.

Enjoy beautiful, built-in features

A luxurious space starts as a blank canvas—with a twist. Instead of working on an entirely untouched room, you can enhance the luxurious feel in your home by beginning with built-in storage and other features that let you custom-tailor your experience. (After all, what feels more luxurious than a room that is one-of-a-kind, perfectly matching your taste and style preferences?)

Clear away the clutter

“Luxury” does not always mean expensive! This is especially true when it comes to decluttering your space, which provides a clean slate and an understated elegance that’s sure to please without any cost at all. Finding creative storage solutions for mail, shoes, keys and other things that tend to gather near your front door, for example, is a great way to walk into a fresh, pristine home day after day.

Add unique statement pieces

You don’t need to surround yourself with fine art pieces and lavish decorations to enjoy a luxury experience—in fact, sometimes simpler is better! Opt for a handful of statement additions that draw the eye, such as an abstract painting or a unique figurine to display on your entry table. Novelty furniture here and there also makes a great statement, as do vintage accessories, uniquely shaped mirrors, and other features. These items, when used sparingly, will help your home feel less “everyday,” and more like a custom-curated collection of luxurious odds and ends that one might find in a museum or boutique hotel.

Focus on the small details

To imbue your space with a luxurious feel throughout, you don’t need to use expensive furniture and décor in every room. Start small to make a big difference! For example, your Platinum home will come equipped with fine finishes, such as elegant hardware, that are sure to please every time you open a cabinet or your bedroom door. You can also add small but impactful touches like high-quality towels that remind you of your favorite hotel, a beautiful lamp or kitchen backsplash accent.

Incorporate a variety of textures

There’s nothing wrong with a room that makes use of similar textures throughout, but too much uniformity can have a mass-produced effect that detracts from the luxury feel of your home. Instead, opt for a wide variety of textures—from a fuzzy, warm area rug that’s warm to the touch, to a velvet armchair, to a glass coffee table with wooden coasters, you get the idea! Mix and match for a thoughtful, elegant touch friends and family are sure to enjoy.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy a luxury experience at home! if you don’t already have a Platinum home of your own, take the first step today. Contact us and discover the difference that comes with our personalized approach to custom homes in New Smyrna Beach.

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