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5 Ideas for an Even Better Balcony

Thu, Oct 05, 2017 at 12:54PM

5 Ideas for an Even Better Balcony

Few features in a home say “luxury” quite like a balcony. Big or small, simple or dressed up in flowers, your balcony adds a sense of refinement to your home’s façade… and, of course, gives you more room to enjoy those beautiful outdoor views!

See how to make your custom home’s balcony even better in the blog below.

Surround your balcony with plant life

Your balcony is your passageway to the outdoors, so it’s only fitting that your space has a natural atmosphere. Trees and existing foliage help you create a lush, green, immersive outdoor space. If you don’t have those features (or they haven’t grown quite enough to reach the balcony) vines and overgrown plants, draped over the rail of your balcony, create a luxuriously lush effect. This kind of balcony reminds you of the kind you might see in Romeo and Juliet or your favorite Mediterranean getaway, and it’s deceptively easy to attain.

Enjoy effortlessly easy seating

Of all the places in your home, your balcony should be the least stressful. Unlike your home office, you don’t need rigid seating options to use your space or even any formal seating at all! Hammocks, papasan chairs, floor cushions and more are all great ways to create a comfy, inviting space.

Consider shade-rich additions

If you plan to spend lots of time out on the balcony, you can’t go wrong with a shade feature that will keep the sun’s strongest rays at bay. In addition to the natural cover provided by nearby trees, you can enjoy shade in the form of a delightfully stylish awning (that also provides a pop of color to your home’s façade!).

Host dinner for two al fresco

You don’t need a dining room setup to enjoy dinner under the stars. A simple café table and chairs set—a pairing that’s inspired by those beautiful French bistros—can make your space as perfect for special dinners as it is lounging around under the sun.

Light it up

Don’t forget about lighting! Instead of harsh lamps, opt for the soft ambient glow provided by string lights, draped around your balcony rail. They’re not just for the holidays!

We hope that today’s blog helps you find ways to enjoy your balcony to the fullest! If you’re currently designing a custom home, be sure to ask your Platinum team about adding the feature that gives you resort-style comfort, right at home.

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