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5 Great Reasons to Relocate to Central Florida

Wed, Sep 05, 2018 at 4:20PM

5 Great Reasons to Relocate to Central Florida

If you’ve ever visited or researched the Sunshine State, you know this area has it all: sun, surf, world-class attractions, top-notch dining and shopping, and more. That’s partly why real estate experts say Florida continues to be a top relocation destination for people across the United States and even internationally.

Central Florida, in particular, is one of the fastest-growing regions of the entire state. Both residents and tourists alike appreciate the access to stellar entertainment and essential amenities. At the same time, this area maintains a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere not found in other hectic locales such as Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Read on to discover more about what makes this region the ideal spot for your upcoming move or retirement.

1) Climate

With pleasant sunshine nearly every day of the year, Central Florida is tailor-made for outdoor enjoyment. From swimming and watersports, to golf, nature excursions, and more, there’s never a dull moment here.

On the rare days inclement weather does roll in, you’ll enjoy unparalleled relaxation and comfort inside your quality custom home. Contact a trusted and reputable local home builder to discover how affordable and straight-forward custom home ownership can be.

2) Savings

No state income tax in Florida means more money in your pocket. In addition, the sales tax in Central Florida is of the most competitive in the state and country. Incentives are also available for purchasing certain energy-saving appliances and home hardware.

Plus, when you move to Central Florida, gone are the days of having to shell out for snow removal, high heating bills, and even smaller expenses like having to wash the salt and sand off your car after a harsh winter. That gives you more time and money to spend on the items and outings you most want to experience.

3) Quality of Life

Along with the sunshine, doctors still assert that Central Florida’s climate is ideal for optimal health. You’ll get essential Vitamin D from the sun’s rays, breathe in the fresh air, even the humidity is good for your skin.

Aside from physical benefits, the wealth of opportunities for exercise and activity will enrich your life. Even a relaxing day at the beach can do wonders. Psychologists say pleasant outdoor excursions have the power to boost mental and emotional wellness.

When you’re done soaking up the sun, solidly-constructed custom homes are the perfect spot to unwind, de-stress, and find your center in cool comfort.

4) Social Opportunities  

Central Florida has many dynamic communities full of like-minded people who share your interests. That makes it easy to meet new people and forge friendships that could last a lifetime.

You might even discover a new passion. For instance, the low-impact sport of pickleball is currently sweeping the nation. Florida leads the way in the popularity of this activity. When you work with a dependable custom home builder, you could be making memories and enjoying your new life in no time.

5) Outstanding Neighborhoods

As mentioned, there’s no shortage of opportunities for fun, excitement, activity, relaxation, and more in Central Florida. It’s also easy to find a safe and comfortable community where you’ll be proud to invite friends and loved ones to visit. Get started by partnering with reliable custom home builders who can craft a residence tailored to your exact specifications and requirements.

For more than 25 years, we’ve exceeded the expectations of countless homeowners across the country. The leading home builder in the region, we create outstanding dwellings in luxury communities such as Venetian Bay, Liberty Village, and more. We’ve also built a solid reputation as one of the premier general contractors in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Contact us today to get started on an elegant custom home of your own.

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