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5 Fun Ways to Display Summer Photos

Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 12:10PM

5 Fun Ways to Display Summer Photos

Summertime is starting to wind down… and you’ve probably got enough tan lines and vacation photos to prove it!

Wondering what to do with those scrapbook-worthy snaps? Try displaying them in all-new ways throughout your home! In today’s blog, we’ll show you how with five fun ideas.

Blow up your photo onto a canvas

This classic option is a favorite for a reason! Blowing up your photo onto a large canvas gives you a unique way to display your vacation snapshots. Whether you place it over your couch or hang it up for home office inspiration, the canvas gives your image plenty of room to shine as no frames or borders are holding it in. That boundless quality makes the canvas a perfect option for stunning beach vistas or even that panoramic photo of your family reunion.

Slice it up

Of course, showcasing your photo on one canvas alone isn’t the only route to consider. Why not slice up your image and carry it over two or three separate panels? This is a truly dramatic option that makes static images seem to move across your walls, creating a breathtaking effect. It works especially well with landscape scenes or wide shots you don’t want to crop.

Another fun option is to combine separate images in a cohesive way—each panel could display a different phase of the moon, step of the setting sun, or even a nearby tree whose leaves change with the seasons.

Tell a story

Your photos have a story to share—so give them a chance to do it! If you managed to capture a sequence of shots of a great moment (like catching a fish for the first time, or your dog running across the yard), hang up photos of that moment as it happened. Next to one another, they’ll show a vivid tale that’s sure to spark conversation or simply leave your guests in awe.

Inspire a new look

If you’ve been looking for a change of scenery, why not use a great summer photo as the inspiration for a new look? The beige and blue hues of your striking beach snap could serve as the basis for a cozy coastal escape in your bedroom, for example. Similarly, a photo of your trip abroad can bring color and culture to your kitchen, inspiring additional features like the backsplash you use or the countertop décor you purchase. Who knew one photo could do all that?

Put your photos under a glass desk

Family photos and vacation snapshots can be inspiring on an office desk—but sometimes, they simply take up too much room. You can counteract this problem by putting your photos under the glass of your desk. You’ll get all the color and inspiration, and none of the lost workspace!

Your stunning summertime snaps are truly worth a thousand words—so let them tell the story of your travels in fresh, unique ways all over your home!

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