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4 Ways to Make Your Summer Décor Last All Year Long

Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 1:15AM

4 Ways to Make Your Summer Décor Last All Year Long

As we swing into the fall season, are you dreading packing up your summer décor?

Here’s an easy tip—don’t stow it away at all! With a few simple tweaks, you can make your summer décor work for you all year long. Take a look at today’s blog to see how.

Upcycle summer drinkware

Mason jars and glass pitchers are perfect containers for summer’s sweetest refreshments—but come the fall time, as you might find yourself transitioning to warmer beverages, your summer supplies can still come in handy! Consider using these cool-glass containers as unique vases for bright bouquets of flowers in autumnal colors.

Put summer hues next to autumn standards

For so many people, the seasons are all about color. Summer is, of course, the season of bright blues and other electric shades—fall, on the other hand, is about more subdued reds, oranges, and yellows. Put the two together and you have a clever, complementary way to make last season’s décor look good even longer.

For example, you can pair your brighter accents (like a sky blue armchair) with cozy, earth-toned blankets for a softer touch. When it comes to bedding, you can follow a similar idea: don’t swap out your tropical covers entirely, but simply add a cream-white throw on top to balance it all out!

Frame your space

Family photos are timeless pieces of décor in and of themselves. While you’ll probably want to keep those moments on your wall all year-round, swapping out silver or colorful frames for more autumnally-inspired wood is a small but impactful way to welcome in the season.

Start fresh with a blank slate

Very few colors have universal, year-round timelessness. White is one of them!

While we’ll probably always associate forest green with Christmas time, and neon yellows with the heat of summer, white is a color that can effortlessly bridge together the best of each season. Consider adding a coat of off-white paint to your space for a true “blank slate,” making your bedroom or living room effortlessly ready for the seasons as they come. To keep up with the changing calendar, simply add accents here and there as opposed to redecorating your entire space. You’ll find that this is a lot easier to keep up with over time!

Florida’s a year-round paradise… and with these simple tips, your home décor can be just as timeless!

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