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4 Unique Lighting Ideas for Your Custom Home

Sun, Jun 02, 2019 at 3:50PM

4 Unique Lighting Ideas for Your Custom Home

Decorating your custom home is a chance to truly bring your design to life. While furniture and décor may be the first thing on your mind, don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right light fixtures for your home. Creative lighting makes any room in your home feel complete and can be used to make a statement, set the mood, or serve a purpose.

With so many lighting options to explore, choosing which style and type can be an overwhelming task. That’s why we’ve come up with 4 unique lighting ideas that are a perfect fit for your new custom home. Just read on.

1) Double-Duty Lighting

Unintentional home lighting is a thing of the past. Your light fixtures don’t only provide the right amount of brightness for any given room, but they can also serve a functional purpose. For instance, a bathroom may not need a fixture of its own when your built in mirrors do the job. Integrated LED mirrors provide light from within so that they’re hidden from view until it’s time to illuminate the space. This means a one-stop installation of a mirror and light fixture in one! Keep in mind that LED lighting provides the bright white illumination that is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

2) Bedside Pendants

When you think of bedside lighting options, you most likely picture a shaded lamp or maybe even sconces. Let us introduce you to a new type of bedside lighting that you may have not yet explored—pendant lighting. You may think pendant fixtures are solely for installing above the kitchen island, but we believe they make an excellent and unique addition to your bedroom.

There is a purpose to this design element. By installing pendant lights from ceiling next to your bed, you freeing up bedside space. This means no bulky lamp on your nightstand or even opting for no bedside furniture at all.

If you decide to dabble in bedside pendant lighting, make sure to measure carefully when selecting your fixture and wiring. You don’t want to end up with uneven hanging fixtures. It is wise to hire a licensed electrician for this type of lighting installation.

3) Unexpected Chandelier

If you’re really trying to add a touch of glamour and drama to your space, consider installing an unexpected chandelier. Chandeliers are often the go-to light fixture for dining rooms, living rooms and even kitchens. However, there is one room in the house that could really use this luxurious addition—the bathroom.

While we understand that functional lighting is needed for tasks done in front of the mirror, we think a chandelier, centered in the room or above the bathtub, adds instant ambience.  If your bathroom has lower ceilings, simply choose a chandelier that sits closer to the ceiling or consider installing a longer chandelier in an empty corner for a touch of functional décor. With a decorative light fixture in your bathroom, you’ll feel like every day is a trip to the spa.

4) Multiple Fixtures

When it comes to lighting a very large room or an open floor plan, things can get tricky. Usually this is where homeowners choose to install recessed lighting to make up for the large space. Don’t limit yourself to this traditional way of thinking and ditch the idea that a single light fixture has to do the job. To really create a unique space, opt to introduce multiple fixtures into one room.

Hanging multiple fixtures can, at times, be a challenging task because you don’t want the space to appear cluttered and mismatched. That’s why we suggest choosing fairly simple, clean silhouette styles of fixtures. To keep things uniform, hang your fixtures in a grid-like arrangement with exact square measurements to ensure they are evenly dispersed. By choosing simple fixtures, you will avoid overcomplicating the room. You can also center the fixtures with a ceiling fan of your choice, space allowing.

Now that you have a few unique lighting ideas to dabble in, all you need is the perfect home in which to experiment. A custom home builder can help make your vision a reality. For over 25 years, Platinum Homebuilders has built impressive, award-winning residences in some of the most prominent Central Florida neighborhoods.

Now’s the time to finally get the New Smyrna Beach home you’ve always dreamed of. Browse the photo gallery on our website to witness the sophisticated style and elegance of which we’re capable. Then, contact us today to get started on a high-quality custom home of your own.

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