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4 Things To Do Before Moving Your Pet Into A New Home

Wed, Jan 19, 2022 at 10:15AM

4 Things To Do Before Moving Your Pet Into A New Home

Pet owners often go to great lengths for their four-legged companions. Keeping our pets happy and healthy is a top concern for many of us, from pricy doggie daycares to pampering spa treatments. 

Pet owners relocating to one of the many beautiful new homes in Ormond Beach may need to arrange their homes to suit their animals in addition to these small amenities. 

Here are a few things you can do before moving a pet into a new home! 

Machine Washable Furniture & Rugs

Unfortunately, many cloth fibers aren't resistant to stains and damage caused by your fur baby, not to mention that carpet is infamous for collecting foul odors. 

It's recommended to invest in porcelain or ceramic tile flooring, both of which are extremely stain- and damage-resistant. Luckily, it’s easy to find these options in new homes in Ormond Beach.

If you opt to utilize rugs in your house, look for machine washable ones made from outdoor fabrics. Avoid densely woven sisal and jute carpets since they will be scratched and ruined by both dogs and cats.

While shopping for a new couch, check to see if the fabric is machine washable or if you should keep your pets off the furniture.

Get a Lidded Trash Can 

Does your dog have a habit of getting into the garbage? It may be in your best interest to replace your short wastebaskets with tall garbage cans with lids unless you want tissues, old food, and other trash thrown over the floor all of the time. 

Garbage cans in the pantry, kitchen, and restrooms should not be close to the floor. Make sure to get a garbage can that is both robust and secure when making your purchase. To keep your pet from knocking over your garbage can, store it in a closed pantry or behind a kitchen cabinet.

Don’t Forget the Yard! 

Flea and tick control isn't your only problem if you allow your pets out into the yard. You'll need to figure out whether you need to build or add structures, set up fences around pools, and locate dangerous plants in your yard. 

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) maintains a comprehensive inventory of plants that are harmful to dogs, cats, and even horses. 

A fence may be in your pets best interest to keep him in and other animals out, especially if you’re considering one of the new homes in Ormond Beach, where many critters are roaming around.  

Consider a Pet Inspection

To obtain a feel of what could be hazardous to your pet, try to think like them. Put yourself in your pet's shoes and crawl about on all fours to see what's going on. Make sure you investigate any spots where your pet can climb or leap to gain access. You'd be shocked at the risks that a routine house inspection might uncover. 

Look for any hanging wires, small areas where your pet could sneak into, or dangerous elements they could get into. You’ll want to make sure any cleaner or medication is put up in a closed cabinet. You may also want to consider covering wires to keep them from getting chewed up! 

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