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4 Benefits of Maintenance-Free Living in Ormond Beach FL New Homes

Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 9:30AM

4 Benefits of Maintenance-Free Living in Ormond Beach FL New Homes

Maintenance-free living is something you hear about a lot when looking into any of the lavish communities that we build in. However, you may be unfamiliar with what exactly it entails, or you may know friends and family living in similar communities already indulging in this lifestyle.  Maintenance-free living has been skyrocketing in popularity amongst homeowners thanks to the plethora of home care benefits that it promises, as well as the freedom to spend more time pursuing your own interests. Read on to learn some of the best advantages of maintenance-free living in a Platinum Builders community!

Really Enjoy Retirement

When you purchased your first home, you might have looked forward to weekly housekeeping chores with a sense of excitement. After all, this was your very own house! Home ownership is something to take pride in, but the chores overstay their welcome quickly. Over time, tools will dull and the pressure to accomplish every task in a timely manner will continue to mount. Maintenance free living means getting to leave those tools in the past while you dust off old hobbies!

Worry-Free Travel

The exterior of your home is beautifully manicured every season of the year by your community, enabling homeowners to pack up and travel at a moment’s notice without worry for their home maintenance! This includes lawn care, irrigation, planting and mulching, and much more. Not only will you save time in a maintenance-free community, but you will also save money on maintenance that can be put directly into your travel budget.

Landscaping Done Professionally

There is no need to worry over the quality of maintenance being done by our professional contractors. Not only will the grounds look great, but the exterior of your home will get the attention it deserves for longevity as well as safety. Outdoor maintenance projects can range in costs and difficulty, and approximately one third of older adults fall at least once a year. By doing the maintenance for you, you can enjoy more time pursuing your favorite hobbies while also staying safe from the potential hazards of outdoor landscaping.

Extra Savings Over Time

Not only are our energy efficient homes sure to save you money on energy bills with improved heating and cooling, but our communities also save you money by taking care of everything outside the home as well. Lawn maintenance and seasonal planting alone can cost you upwards of $2,000 per year. Gardening equipment only gets more expensive from one year to the next, plus there is the cost to fuel these machines. Maintenance-free living takes the trouble and guesswork out of home maintenance and allows you to set aside those funds for other interests, such as entertainment, gifts, or other purposes.

Our communities have delighted homeowners with the area’s best homes in breathtaking communities for years and now it is your turn to enjoy everything that makes a Platinum Builders home so special. Browse our website to view all our available living options and contact us today to begin your journey towards maintenance-free enlightenment!

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